Learn about how we use WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRA and RF here at Logicall below.

Here at Logicall we like to make the most of modern technology, that’s why all our solutions use technology purpose built for the task at hand, whatever your planning to do Logicall will have the answer. There are a variety of ways to automate the process of temperature monitoring, using different technologies brings its own benefits. This is why Logicall have spent a lot of time and money ensuring the solutions we provide offer exactly what our customers need.

Logicall have chosen to specialise in low power data communications utilising the latest in Bluetooth technology to transmit data short distances. We then use a WiFi signal in conjunction with our gateway to send all data to the cloud. For applications where WiFi is not an option we have the ability to deploy a cellular gateway that connects to the strongest cellular network to you. What this gives you is a data logger with a greatly extended battery life and the ability to retrieve data wherever your establishment may be situated.

We strive to have a data loggers be no more than +-0.3° of the target temperature. Perfect for any cold storage situation.

See below for more information on each of the technologies we use:

All of the above is used to either log, collect, or communicate data, this data is sent to the cloud where it is then accessible from any web enabled device. We combine each of these in different solutions to ensure the best system for each application. For example for small establishment with small distances between its data loggers and gateways we use Bluetooth 4.0 to log data. What this provides you with is a greater battery life as well as a much more robust signal.

We then utilise your existing WiFi to collect that data and push it up to the cloud for storage in secure locations. RF refers to Radio Frequency and various manufacturers will use anything from 434mhz right up to 2.4ghz to either improve on battery life or to extend the range of communication. There is no right or wrong way here just finding the right balance based on equipment used.

Now here is where we are very different, we are the first to offer a complete solution using the very latest in technology LORA or LPWAN (Low power wide area network), what this means to users is that the initial cost of hardware is much lower, the overall running costs are much lower and range of communication is much much better, sometimes up to 10 miles in ideal conditions. This really is the Internet of Things.

Also not only can you monitor Fridges and Freezers using this technology, but you can also remotely control equipment bringing you endless opportunities!

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