Winland’s cloud based solution provides protection for your perishable assets against loss and ensures data-logging compliance at every stage.


Winland’s Critical-Environment Monitoring Solution delivers early incident detection, notification, response protocols, reporting, and the remote management of critical-condition environments a standard.

Protecting you since 1972. The healthcare, food service, and pharmaceutical industries have relied on Winland to initiate the fastest possible response to any arising refrigeration issues. Protecting your inventory and maintaining compliance with governmental regulations is something Winland are very passionate about and avoiding fines, costly lawsuits and safeguarding your reputation is something Winland has been specialising in for over 40 years.



Let Winland Electronics protect your critical inventory and your reputation. Professionals in the healthcare, food service, and pharmaceutical industries cannot afford to take a chance on faulty storage conditions for their temperature critical assets. The FDA imposes heavy regulations on these industries and failure to comply can lead to costly fines and could even taint your distinguished public image.

Winland uses RF technology to provide solutions that protect perishable assets against loss and ensure data-logging compliance for organisations with regulated storage conditions. Winland’s cloud-based monitoring solution delivers early incident detection, notification, standardised response protocols, reporting, and the remote management of critical-condition environments.

Winland Electronics is a trusted leader in affordable, scalable, critical-environment monitoring solutions. There automated, real-time, cloud-based monitoring service is the only cross-industry, critical-condition monitoring software to offer recommended response protocols and logs. Using their equipment we’ll up your efficiency, improve your ROI, and safeguard your reputation. Put Winland to work in your organisation today

Key Features

  • Radio frequency technology allows for long distance data transfer
  • Real time monitoring
  • Improve your return on investment
  • Safeguard your reputation
  • Improve the reliability and traceability of your produce

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