Logicall Sensors and Gateway

Featuring multiparameter sensors, a gateway configurable via wifi, LAN and a cellular connection, our unique all encompassing monitoring solution offers usability like no other at a price point like no other. Starting from just £19.99 per month!

Our system has the ability to not only monitor critical condition assets but also identify any problem areas before they become a major concern. Our system will also send you an immediate alert should an asset breach its temperature parameters. Temperature, humidity, light and CO2 are just some of the parameters we are able to monitor with our brand new solution.

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We are confident our new system will be able to work within just about any environment to monitor just about any perimeter we are presented with.

The availability of new technology means our solution will be very cost effective perfect for anywhere from a huge corporation to a small independent cafe. Our system is designed to be as affordable as possible without economising any of the other features that make our system great. Our degree of accuracy is to 0.3 of a degree and our software has been designed to be user friendly and efficient.

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Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Low initial cost
  • Very discrete
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Extremely scalable

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