Logicall is proud to be able to offer the Digi Honeycomb solution. Our close working relationship with the tech giant has allowed us to work with them to develop the temperature monitoring system you see today.

Digi Honeycomb

Designed specifically for the cold chain, Digi’s Honeycomb solution incorporates bluetooth and WiFi technologies to ensure the freshness, quality and longevity of perishables products. All that’s required is placing wireless sensors wherever you want to monitor temperature and plugging in our communications gateway. Launch our easy-to-configure application to instantly access your temperature records 24/7 on your mobile phone or tablet anywhere in the world. That’s it.


Small and discrete data loggers use the latest in bluetooth technology to send the temperature data to a wireless gateway or WASP, signals can be sent anywhere up to 100ft and even through large refrigeration units. Logged data is collated by a wireless access sensor portal (WASP) which uses your onsite Wi-fi to to transmit all temperature data to the cloud, here all the data is stored for life. For locations where Wi-fi is unavailable we also offer a cellular WASP which will connect to the strongest cellular network to you.

The quality of the Digi Honeycomb solution makes it ideal for almost any application it is easy to deploy, reliable and cost effective so whether your using it to store life saving drugs or to simply keep your sandwiches fresh, you can be confident that Digi Honeycomb won’t let you down.

Digi Honeycomb gets rid of the hidden costs of manual temperature logging. No more inaccurate reports. No lost paperwork. Less inventory shrinkage. More employee productivity. In fact, typical customers save over an hour of labor each and every day. The Digi honeycomb system uses a combination of the technology to provide you with accurate and reliable temperature data.

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Key Features

  • Cost-effective solution to keep foods fresh and healthy
  • Eliminates inventory shrink with automated alerts
  • Sensors are very small and size with no maintenance required
  • Simple installation typically takes about 1 hour
  • Automates logging and reduces labor costs

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