Whether your transporting temperature critical produce or just need to monitor location, we've got you covered

Logistics and asset management

Logistics can be an incredibly challenging role, but with the help of Logicall you can streamline the most demanding process’s. Our product allows you to communicate with all of the various agents and associates that are involved in the transportation process, considerably reducing the time you spend on the phone and on your emails.

The service we provide will also help to reduce the security risks of the products during transportation, small tags can be placed within the produce itself giving you real time location data, allowing you to track your goods from anywhere in the world.

Other logistical challenges our product aims to minimise include, unknown delivery times, location tracking will create a much clearer idea of when orders will reach the warehouse. Logicall’s range of sensors will also help to combat the constant struggle to supervise the staff to ensure they are monitoring temperature, with it done automatically as often as every minute, they can focus on what matters, getting goods gone.

Finally as our system grows we intend to incorporate other IOT technology that will be able to automatically track ingoing and outgoing goods to ensure  adequate space within warehouses, in preparation for imminent deliveries.

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