Healthcare covers many different disciplines, from Pharmacy to Pathology and anything in between.


Temperature tracking and monitoring used to be a luxury. Not anymore. You must maintain compliance, and our Logicall solution makes it easy and cost effective to do so. Suitable for Pharmacy, Pathology, Blood Banks, Mortuary and many more. We are able to monitor anything from +100° to -180°. So no more hoping you’ll catch a temperature breach, as continuous monitoring will be the vigilant eye when you can’t be.

From a single Fridge or Freezer in a Pharmacy or Lab area, right up to multiple units on multiple sites, Logicall will alert you when an out of range temperature is logged. You can access and view real time or historical data, via any web enabled device 24/7. Alarm alerts are sent via email or text, and full reports and audit trials can be generated in seconds.

Our unique business model allows us to offer an annual swap out service. Instead of recalibrating your sensors every year, which can be a hugely expensive process. We will simply send you a replacement sensors at a heavily reduced costs, ensuring all sensors are up to date and fully calibrated.  This makes us confident that we can compete not only on the initial price of our product, but also on ongoing  running costs. We can also off a very unique solution to monitor the core temperature of Blood bags.

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