Wireless temperature monitoring, perfect for a catering establishment with a clear view on food safety and HACCP compliance


Maintaining strict temperature parameters is vital to ensure safe and fresh tasting produce. Our robust data sensors are small enough to fit into any cold storage unit ensuring temperature data is recorded, monitored and analysed throughout the entire cold chain. All records comply to HACCP/EHO procedures and are accessible from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for a catering establishment with a clear view on food safety and moving forward in the world of tech.

Once installed our system will automatically record temperature data at intervals chosen by you. All the data is fully EHO compliant and will save you the constant headache of manually recording the temperature of each of your fridges and freezers.

Live email or text alerts will be sent should a unit’s parameters be breached, meaning no matter where you are, you will have the time to eliminate any stock losses. Saving you both time and money.


We have a number of purchase options to suit your needs, size and payment preferences.

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