Logicall has experience within a variety of varying sectors making us confident that whatever you need, we can help

Logicall have spent the last 18 months creating a solution the works within a variety of different sectors. We understand that every industry have there very specific requirements, rules and laws they must abide by.

Our research and experience within these industries has allowed us to help create a product that not only works, but is a valued addition to any industry sector. For example our system is fully HACCP compliant and is fully encouraged by the EHO.

No matter the industry, no matter the task, Logicall Wireless Solutions is able to help you streamline your process and make a positive change within your industry.

The team is committed and our combined experience and diverse backgrounds gives Logicall a comprehensive understanding, that we can apply within every product we design, develop and create.

Call 01672 569374 or email to tell us about your applications or to just talk through any ideas you may have.