As regulations and legislation becomes an even bigger part of food safety today, it is vital that caterers are able to produce accurate and reliable temperature data. Whether it be for storage, preparation, cooking or serving.

Many food safety processes are manual and prone to inaccuracy, with inconsistent and limited information its nearly impossible to predict or quickly react to a problem. Not to mention manual temperature management is time consuming, prone to error, and is often missed or ignored.

Luckily the rapid growth in technology means compliance is no longer a chore, inaccurate temperature readings are a thing of the past and manual fridge checks can become obsolete by making one small change to your monitoring process.

All this is possible and much more through one very minor change in you cold chain process. A simple automated temperature monitoring system will simultaneously record temperature data 24 hours a day while ensuring no stock is lost and all the required temperature data is recored and stored. By introducing Logicall’s wireless technology you have the ability to monitor your cold storage units 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Our simple and easy to use solution is designed specifically for the cold chain and incorporates the latest technology allowing you to: have the most accurate and reliable data, print historical data at a moments notice and maintain HACCP compliant from farm to fork.

Digi Honeycomb

The Digi Honeycomb solution brought to you by Logicall is a wireless temperature monitoring system designed specifically to automate your entire cold chain. From the factory to your delicious dine out, we’ve got you covered.

Sensors our small and robust and easily placed within locations such as, fridges, walk in fridges, freezers, walk in freezers, chiller rooms, cold stores, servers, refrigerated counters. We can measure anything form -30 to +100, giving us the ability to place our sensors within dishwashers, display cabinets, incubators and anything in-between.

Each of our sensors transmits a bluetooth signal to a gateway unit somewhere in the vicinity, there is no limit to the number of sensors that can transmit to any one gateway. The data is then collated and immediately stored in the cloud. Data is accessible via any web enable device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Our bespoke software allows you to immediately gauge the condition of your cold storage units and decide if any action is required.

Implementing Digi Honeycomb:

•Simplifies HACCP compliance with continuous temperature monitoring and instant reporting

•Streamlines costly and labour-intensive operational checklists and food safety tasks

•And eliminates error-prone manual logging with automated digital reports


Streamline your process without negatively affecting your kitchen operations, all while complying with FSA and HACCP regulations.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t migrate to Digi Honeycomb sooner.

If you would like to discuss our system further or would like a quote, then please contact a member of our team on 01672 569374.