The constant requirement to perform manual checks on all cold storage units is something all catering establishments are burdened with. Taking a reading from every fridge and freezer, is to say the very least, tedious. It may be a tried and trusted method, however its accuracy and reliability is somewhat questionable.

With the current process, incorrect temperatures are only discovered after they have occurred, when it’s too late! Checks are often missed or forgotten altogether for a variety of reasons.

Our solution is a fully automated temperature monitoring system, purpose built for the cold chain. Allowing any employee to log, store and access live and historical temperature records from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world.

Here at Logicall Wireless Solutions we believe above all else, the consistency, quality and safety of perishable food products is paramount. As food safety becomes a more prominent issue and food regulations become ever stricter, we feel it is necessary to drive change in the catering industry.

This past year alone we’ve helped numerous companies to fully automate their temperature monitoring process resulting in money saved, revenue added and productivity increased. Just ask Griff.

“The Logicall Honeycomb Solution is something that has saved us time, stress and stock on numerous occasions. Being alerted to any refrigeration issues before they become a problem is a real win for any restaurant business”.        Griff Holland – Friska Food

So why wait? Contact Logicall today and get your very own 24/7 temperature monitoring system, perfect for a catering establishment with a clear view on food safety.

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