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We have over 10 years experience across a range of markets from healthcare to retail to manufacturing to logistics. Here at Logicall no enquiry is too large, or small.


Logicall allows you to log, store and access live and historical temperature records from any web enabled device. Anywhere in the world. Perfect for any catering establishment with a clear view on food safety.

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Logicall offers a wide range of traceable, wireless monitoring sensors including: Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Differential Pressure, Relative Humidity, 4-20mA Instrumentation, CO2, O2,  Volt Free Alarm & Status Contacts.

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Logicall can help you to keep control of any item using our range of discrete data loggers. We can offer a custom solution to follow your complete cold chain. Tell us what you want to do and let us show you how we can help.

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Asset Management

Logicall can help you keep track of all of your important assets whether they are on site and you can locate each item room by room. Or if they are offsite you can use our GPS tracker to find any asset, anywhere in the world.

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Our Solutions

We offer solutions for every kind of cold storage application. Whether it be keeping your sandwiches fresh, or correctly store life saving drugs, we’ve got you covered.

Digi Honeycomb

Digi Honeycomb gets rid of the hidden costs of manual food temperature logging. No more inaccurate reports. No lost paperwork. Less inventory shrinkage and more employee productivity. In fact, typical customers save over an hour of labor each and every day. The Digi Honeycomb system uses a combination of bluetooth and WiFi to provide you with accurate and reliable temperature data.

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Winland uses Radio Frequency technology to provide solutions that protect perishable assets against loss and ensure data-logging compliance for organizations with regulated storage conditions. Winland’s cloud-based monitoring solution delivers early incident detection, notification, standardised response protocols, reporting, and the remote management of critical-condition environments.

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Logicall Sensor Point

Logicall SensorPoint is the result of years of development. Using LoRa technology we are in the process of creating a product with the potential to cover miles rather than meters. The need for multiple repeaters or signal boosters is now a thing of the past, no matter the number of floors, walls, people or electrical equipment. With this technology we can easily monitor a whole site and at a very affordable rate.

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Logicall IceCube

Logicall Wireless Solutions is proud to announce Logicall IceCube has arrived. With our brand new multi parameter system we are able to measure temperature, humidity and light with one sensor. Our highly accurate, yet cost effective solution will suite just about any application we are presented with. Whether it be in the healthcare sector, catering, logistics or hospitality we have a solution for you.

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